In the Spotlight 2017

Drawn at random from those who attend General Meetings

January 2017

Dana WodtkeICF Colorado In the Spotlight:
Dana Wodtke

I’m a dating and career coach for people that are ready to live the life they want! Yes, dating and career coaching are very similar! It is all about you being your best, confident, authentic self! I help you translate your emotional desires into a tangible plan to move forward to find balance, fulfillment, love, confidence, spiritual alignment and a soulmate. I intuitively read your energy using a system called Higher Alignment, deeply listen and reflect back to you what I see- the real you. Not the one that you can fake out on assessment tests or the person you think you are or the person you were told to be- I see the real you. My mission is to guide you and support you to be free of all those old patterns so that you are truly free and can create the life you truly deserve, sharing your gifts with a partner and the world.

Coaching Philosophy:
My spiritual calling and purpose is to teach and to heal. I love working with others to assist them in finding their life purpose, quality relationships and bringing their gifts to the world.

  • Certification Co-Active Coach- CTI, Coaches Training Institute
  • Higher Alignment Coaching Program
  • Teaching dating and relationship tools since 2004
  • 25 years of serving others in my professional massage therapy practice, professional massage therapy instructor, ergonomicist, yoga teacher, bellydance instructor
  • Gifted in working with people with love, clarity and reflecting the truth
  • Supportive, grounded, centered to hold you in the light
  • Inspiring, optimist, motivating cheerleader to champion you to your Highest Self!
  • Studying meditation, practicing intuition and living spiritually since 1980
  • 30+ years of studying, living, dating and loving
  • Teaching and working with people since 1984

I’ve been there. I’ve trained, studied, researched and practiced. I’ve found success, happiness and joy. You can too.

I have new online and in-person classes for the new year on Stepping into Your Power, Overcoming Shyness, Creating Confidence, Calling in the One and Dating with Confidence!

Contact Information:
Dana Wodtke, Dating & Career Coach