About ICF Colorado

facebook1We are a professional organization of personal and business coaches. We exist to Build, Support & Preserve the Integrity of the Coaching Profession.

We help to Build by educating the public and promoting the coaching profession. Our Find A Coach and the PR plan are integral parts of this process.

To Preserve the integrity of the coaching profession we develop standards for ethical conduct and become models of authenticity in our community.

We Support by actively researching and developing member programs and becoming a strong (and unified) voice for the coaching profession.

We are always available and responsive to our members and encourage your comments, suggestions, and feedback so that we can serve your needs.

Vision / Mission Statement

The Purpose of the ICF Colorado:
The purpose of the ICF Colorado is to lead, develop and nurture a thriving community of professional coaches who bring about the highest possibilities for humankind.

The Vision of the ICF Colorado:
We are at the heart of a healthy sustained coaching profession, filled with innovative leaders who reveal inspiring possibilities for individuals and organizations.

The Mission of the ICF Colorado:
With a spirit of contribution and service we:

  • Provide resources, tools, education and support
  • Adhere to the ethical guidelines and standards of the International Coach Federation
  • Foster growth and outreach
  • Strengthen leadership and sustainability